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27 June 2010

Ben Frost chosen by iconic artist Brian Eno for a year of mentoring in Rolex Arts Initiative

Ben Frost is among six exceptional young talents who have been chosen by some of the world’s most distinguished artists for a year of collaboration and inspiration in the international Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative, it was announced today.
Frost, 30, an acclaimed composer, producer and musician originally from Melbourne, who has lived and worked in Iceland since 2005, is the music protégé for 2010-2011. He will be mentored by Brian Eno from the U.K. who made his name with Roxy Music in the 1970s and has become a visionary composer and producer, working with many leading artists.

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12 February 2010

Nico’s Opera

Read Nico Muhly’s own words on the opera he is creating for The Metropolitan Opera / English National Opera (ENO) with libretto by Craig Lucas:

The chatroom is the masked ball of the 21st century.  There, the princess can be the peasant bar-wench, and the 60-year old man can be the 15 year-old girl he should have been 45 years ago.

The opera I've written with Craig is a love story, a murder ballad, and a proper mystery.

Invisible crimes (Internet crimes, White-collar crime) are the new murders.  Even though Bernie Madoff's crimes were digitally manipulated, he still had to wear a bulletproof vest to court: the intersection between the virtual and the real is always ecstatic or violent.

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4 December 2009



The latest issue of The WIRE magazine features an article on Ben Frost andBY THE THROAT. Here is an excerpt:


“When I was making it, it was borderline ritualistic, a sacrificial process, purposefully laying these perfect, harmonious combinations of notes and textures at the mercy of this unspeakable horrible aural violence via these large blasts of subsonic attack.”... As Joe Muggs observed in his review ofBy The Throat (Soundcheck, The Wire 309), Frost’s music is saturated with a sense of the cinematic. Most Hollywood scores now are depressingly conservative, but Frost’s work could be a template for a 21st century movie music. “The overtly didactic gestures that plague modern film music are totally not something I am interested in,” he says, “but the blurring of that once definitive line between sound design and score – particularly in some of these big action films recently – nauseating content aside, is, I think, really fucking exciting. If my work is cinematic, it is really only in the sense that making it, for me, is very much a visual exercise where every element of this record has a singular and inherent animated visual shape, colour and texture, and that I am trying to make this music a world in and of itself.”


Also, The WIRE’s website has an exclusive video interview with Ben where he talks about BY THE THROAT. Watch it here.


Buy the album — download or CD — here.

19 October 2009



Buy Ben Frost’s BY THE THROAT right here right now and get 2 exclusive tracks. If you purchase the CD, which comes as a limited edition digipack, you will be sent a download code that includes the bonus material. To buy the digital version only go here.


Reviews and more information here.

5 October 2009



After its recent success at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York, the worlds first ScentOpera, Green Aria, will have a Europe premiere at the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain. 


Bedroom Community’s Valgeir Sigurðsson and Nico Muhly composed the score for this unique experimental work. The music is played in a darkened theatre while the theater seats will be equipped with "scent microphones", especially invented for this production, to deliver precisely-timed scents to the audience.


Valgeir and Nico will participate in a panel discussions before the performance on October 13th along with the fragrance designer Christope Laudamiel and director Stewart Matthew.


For further information and tickets, click here.

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