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Speaks Volumes

Catalog Number: HVALUR1

Released: November 25 2006

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  1. Clear Music
  2. It Goes Without Saying
  3. Honest Music
  4. Quiet Music
  5. Pillaging Music
  6. A Hudson Cycle
  7. Keep In Touch

Speaks Volumes marks the first release on Bedroom  Community and features seven exquisite works of chamber music for small ensembles with electronics. This debut album by composer Nico Muhly was created with with Valgeir Sigurðsson in Reykjavik, Iceland and in New York, Nico’s hometown.

Since graduating from the Juilliard School for composition in 2004 Nico Muhly has been causing significant ripples in modern music circles with a variety of projects.

What the press says

"It makes a change to come across an album of contemporary music that's not merely a document of a "performance" but a piece of creative recording in its own right."

Atli Bollason — Morgunblaðið (October 17th 2006) ★★★★★★★★★★ Read all reviews

"This is a dazzling album...a brilliant stylistic uniqueness."

Touching Extremes — Touching Extremes (April 2nd 2010) Read all reviews

"a highly evocative and beautiful album..."

FdW — Vital Weekly (April 2nd 2010) Read all reviews

"The combination of Muhly's formidable modern classical chamber compositions and Valgeir Sigurðsson's greatly textured and varied production makes for some pretty remarkable listening.... If you’re after one of those records no one’s heard off but that everyone will want to own once given an airing - this is the real deal. Gorgeous."

Boomkat — Boomkat (April 2nd 2010) Read all reviews

"A NEW ORTHODOXY - composer nico muhly speaks fluently"

Will Welch — The Fader Magazine (April 2nd 2010) Read all reviews

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