Sam Amidon - All Is Well

This album is dedicated to Dock Boggs. From his recordings I learned many of the melodies and words found in this music. The banjo is from Africa and is well represented on the album "Black Banjo Songsters." This album is a gift from Valgeir, Nico, and Ben Frost. It is dedicated to them. Singing is a good way to pass the time when you're taking a walk or hitchhiking: "I'm a long time travelling here below, I'm a long time traveling away from home, I'm a long time traveling here below, to lay this body down." This album is dedicated to Marian, my friends Thomas and Gabriel, my brother Stefan, my parents, and the wonderful and gentle Dr. Weldon who took my wisdom teeth out with such care. I really appreciated that! Have you seen the show "Jackass"? "Wild Bill Jones" and other songs...  - Sam Amidon

Released on January 1, 2007