Valgeir Sigurðsson  - Ekvílibríum

Ekvílibríum is Valgeir's debut, an album where streams of strings ebb and flow and surgically sculptured beats play against flourishes of prepared piano. The album includes vocal performances from Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, who helps craft one of the highlights of the album, 'Kin', as well as contributions from Faun Fables' Dawn McCarthy and J. Walker aka Machine Translations. In spite of Valgeir’s wide span of ideas and inspirations, drawing on everything from John Cage to Debussy to Pan Sonic there is a seamless fluidity between the tracks, and even within them.
The theme of water trickles throughout the album, with direct references in titles such as 'Evolution of Waters' to the overall aesthetic; from the dripping textures of 'Equilibrium is Restored' to the tidal waves of strings engulfing the listener on the effervescent 'Before Nine'. Ekvílibríum is an album that blends genres so effortlessly and gracefully that the word 'genre' itself becomes obsolete. All the vital elements are surging and pulsing with energy but with Valgeir’s careful blending and watchful eye they form an unstoppable force.
With Ekvílibríum, Valgeir Sigurdsson has revealed that as well as being a gifted producer, engineer and musician, he is equally skillful as a crafter of songs and instigator of a cascade of emotions.

Released on September 11, 2007